Dark Star Radio ~ Summer Air Rate Sale!

20 Dollars off Normal Weekly Rates! NORMAL WEEKLY RATES & PRODUCTION RATE! 10% Off 1 Month Subscription 20% off 2 Months Subscription 30% off 4 Months Subscription 40% off 6 Months Subscription ACT NOW! Email jessikadarkstar@gmail.com or give her a call (331) 425 4469 to hash out the details!  

Dark Star Radio is Hiring Bloggers

Can Earn 10% Commission for Advertising Air Time sold This Station is ran by the Passion of the DJs who play for the station Station Licensing is Paid by Owner and Donations Website: http://www.darkstarradio.com Tune IN: https://tunein.com/radio/Dark-Star-Radio-s262013/ Main Genres: Underground, Industrial, Metal & Goth Alt Genres: Pop, Rock, EDM, Dance, Nerdy, etc... Not Allowed: Country, …